• k


    1 week ago
    Type safety is undervalued in most software projects and causes enormous financial losses throughout the world. Changing a few bad habits can lead to more reliable software. Read the article written by Jan Vladimir Mostert. 👇 https://kt.academy/article/type-modelling-kotlin
  • Ivan Dugalic

    Ivan Dugalic

    1 week ago
    Released version 3.2.0 of
    multi-platform library https://github.com/fraktalio/fmodel/releases/tag/v3.2.0
  • a

    Ahmed Dridi

    1 week ago
    Hey guys good morning. i am trying to publish a KMM library to maven central i hape followed this article https://dev.to/kotlin/how-to-build-and-publish-a-kotlin-multiplatform-library-going-public-4a8k but the publishment is always failing i am getting the error in the screenshot attached below.
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  • Nick


    1 week ago
    Doodle 0.8.2 Released (https://github.com/nacular/doodle/releases/tag/v0.8.2) New Cassowary based Constraint Layout This release includes a new layout engine that will soon replace the current constraint based layout. This new implementation is based on the well known Cassowary algorithm and is therefore much more expressive and capable. The new implementation has a very similar API to the current one, so migration is less difficult. But there are key differences that mean current constraints won't always translate exactly. The new API is located in the
    package. Form Controls • New
    for choosing a single item like
    offers • New
    for choosing zero or one item like
    offers Better render performance
  • dmcg


    1 week ago
    How to Test Shared Behaviour with JUnit Contracts


  • d

    Dave Leeds

    1 week ago
    Kotlin: An Illustrated Guide, Chapter 12 is ready. This chapter is an introduction to interfaces, including casts, interface inheritance, default implementations, and more. Hope you like it! https://typealias.com/start/kotlin-interfaces/
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  • sam


    6 days ago
    I've released a Kotlin wrapper for Caffeine (Java cache) which prefers coroutines over Java's completable futures. https://github.com/sksamuel/aedile
  • yasyd


    1 week ago
    Are you a Kotlin developer that wants to learn Dart, or a Dart developer that wants to learn Kotlin with the least possible effort? then this site is for you. Kotlin is Dart . And it is open source! Sources here. It is still a work in progress.
    Alejandro Rios
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