• j

    Jared Vu

    3 days ago
    Hi 👋 my team has been writing shared business logic in KMM for our native apps and web apps. When our kotlin data classes is exported to JS the
    names are replaced. For the given class,
    data class Foo (
      val configs: Configs?,
    I would expect the exported JS to have a key
    but instead it is replaced with
    this.b1q_1 = configs;
    Is there any way to preserve the human readable val names within our exported class?
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  • Phạm Nhật

    Phạm Nhật

    2 days ago
    Hi everyone. My team is planning for building multi-pods in multi-module projects world, is this limitation currently resolved or any workarounds available?https://kotlinlang.slack.com/archives/C3PQML5NU/p1631615128335100
    Phạm Nhật
    Matthias Geisler
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  • f


    2 days ago
    My project seems to be using Kotlin version 1.5.30 even though I updated everything to 1.7.10. This is causing abi incompatibility errors when compiling for xcode. Android Studio has Kotlin 212-1.7.10-release-333-AS5457.46 Project level build.gradle has 1.7.10 defined:
    dependencies {
        classpath "com.android.tools.build:gradle:7.2.2"
        classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-gradle-plugin:1.7.10"
        classpath "org.jetbrains.kotlin:kotlin-serialization:1.7.10"
    When compiling, I see this in the gradle log:
    Kotlin/Native distribution: /Users/filipvinkovic/.konan/kotlin-native-prebuilt-macos-x86_64-1.5.30.
    If I delete the konan folder, it will just pull 1.5.30 again. What am I missing? I see no references of 1.5.30 in the project.
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  • coolcat


    2 days ago
    Does anybody have any tips for how I can get Xcode to recognise Cocoapods? I have a KMM project using Cocoapods and the build step is giving:
    Execution failed for task ':shared:podGenIOS'.
    > 'pod install' command failed with an exception:
       Cannot run program "pod" (in directory "/Users/.../shared/build/cocoapods/synthetic/IOS"): error=2, No such file or directory
              Full command: pod install
              Possible reason: CocoaPods is not installed
              Please check that CocoaPods v1.10 or above is installed.
              To check CocoaPods version type 'pod --version' in the terminal
              To install CocoaPods execute 'sudo gem install cocoapods'
    Needless to say Cocoapods working fine from the command line.
  • Vojtěch Pešek

    Vojtěch Pešek

    3 days ago
    TL;DR: Is it possible to disable the generation of
    methods on
    data class
    ? Hi, we have a kmm project for android and iOS targets. Currently, i’ve been working on reducing the library size and especially the library objc header for iOS. I noticed that data classes generate component methods for each value in the constructor. This is what I would expect. Those
    methods also appear in the header, but usually there is no need for the iOS developers to call the method. This is because they can call the parameter by name, which is far more descriptive.
    Vojtěch Pešek
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  • Arun Joseph

    Arun Joseph

    3 days ago
    Hi All, Looking for an information for new project. - what is the percent of KMM code can we share in a iOS/Android project with clean architecture. Is anyone willing to share in their experience how much percent reuse you achieved?
    Arun Joseph
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  • e


    33 minutes ago
    Is there any way to override the
    of a