Hi did you see that? <https://developer.android.co...
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Hi did you see that? https://developer.android.com/about/versions/14/behavior-changes-all#schedule-exact-alarms. It is already quite difficult to display time while in ambient mode, now it is gonna be even more difficult. Is there an alternative way of doing it in compose? please see for reference https://github.com/android/wear-os-samples/tree/main/AlwaysOnKotlin. Also I am working on a sport app, with the current system of alarm scheduling it updates only max every 5 seconds which I think some users will take as being a bug, Is there really no alternative to display time at least one per seconds
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I don't think that will affect you at the minute. I don't know product plans for ambient type features, but hopefully there are other ways to achieve that when Wear OS is upgraded to API 34.
Even now, updating the ambient display every 5 seconds, seems counter to minimal battery drain. Is there an alternate experience that would work for you minutely?
In the previous discussion it seams to be possible to update data in ongoing activity once every seconds within the
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menu. https://kotlinlang.slack.com/archives/C02GBABJUAF/p1677552624542879?thread_ts=1677529558.400519&amp;cid=C02GBABJUAF I am just referring to this, not sure if it works and also not knowing whether it would be a help in your case.