hey guys can anyone help me to make this BeatMotio...
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hey guys can anyone help me to make this BeatMotion app with below requirements • A User Interface that allows the user to create and select sounds. There should be at least a few available sounds included with the application. The user should also be able to include their own sounds which may be recorded or selected from files. • ● The user should also be able to manipulate sound playback in at least 2 ways (changing playback speed, and frequency are examples) • ● Users should be able to play more than one sound back at a time, changing parameters about each sound playback. • ● At least one of the parameters of the playback that is changeable must be changed using another hardware function. In the video I do this by using the orientation of the phone to change the playback rate of the sound, but this can be done in any combination you like and does not have to include movement of the phone.
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not kotlin but kotlin colored 3
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😅 this is a workspace about the Kotlin programming language. If you are looking for someone who implements an App for you, there are more appropriate places to ask.
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You got the requirements. Now split them in small logical parts. Think clearly about what you want to achieve and maybe write some technical notes or a schema if that helps you and then get coding! If you research audio playback on android you should be able to find what you need for the above. Then come back if you have specific kotlin related questions you can't find an answer for.