Hello! Tell me, what top open source applications ...
# multiplatform
Hello! Tell me, what top open source applications did you come across? Not demos on two pages, but full-fledged applications. Maybe there is "kotlin multiplatform applications awesome", I know this only from libs.
I couldn’t mention one of the top off my head. I saw a music player the other day look pretty good. It was compose-multiplatform. KMM is harder to distinguish because is more embedded. But I believe is a great idea having a compose-multiplaform/kotlin-multiplatform awesome applications repo/web. And not just Apps but pre-made components. Similar to
components page. Where you can drag/drop a Signin/Signup component or a User Profile card component, or a product view card component. Javascript community has many of these component markets, very handy.
Formulaide is a fullstack web form editor used in production by a town hall in southwest France.