What’s the situation regarding multi platform? Doe...
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What’s the situation regarding multi platform? Does everything work well on iOS/Swift and the web/js/ts?
Yes, Arrow has been supporting KMP since 1.0.0 and we've not getting any bugs reports so far. We're running tests on all platforms using Kotest. The library in itself is not doing anything drastically strange, we're relying only on Kotlin Std in Arrow Core/Optics and KotlinX Coroutines in Arrow Fx (& co). We've also have a KSP plugin for Arrow Optics. But all of that should work perfectly on iOS/Swift and Kotlin/JS.
I've personally only used Arrow on Mac/Linux using Kotlin/Native & Kotlin/JVM ofc.
I"ve used Arrow Core on a project with JVM and JS, everything works great 👍