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# announcements
📣 ✏️ Hi everyone! We’ve done some housekeeping for Compose-related channels to ensure they remain convenient for the multiple discussions of the skyrocketing Compose community! 🚀 There are 3 main updates: • ✏️ The #compose channel is now designated for discussing general Compose topics unrelated to any particular platform, such as the common API and Compose design principles. • 🤖 We created the new #compose-android channel to discuss anything related to Android-specific Compose APIs, topics like integration with Android, and Android Studio tooling. Join the new channel! • stackoverflow We want to encourage everyone in the community to post StackOverflow-style questions on StackOverflow. If you think your question fits well there, please consider moving it. Questions will be more easily discoverable for other people on the internet, making Compose channels more unique and interesting to follow. Please use the relevant tags [compose], [android-jetpack-compose]. We’ve updated descriptions in all Compose channels. Please check them out for more details.
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