Is it possible to specify which `.editorconfig` sh...
# ktlint
Is it possible to specify which
should be used to format a
? I'm creating the ruleset like this:
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private val ruleProviders = buildSet {
        ServiceLoader.load( { it.getRuleProviders() }
    private val ktLintRuleEngine = KtLintRuleEngine(ruleProviders = ruleProviders)
but I'm not sure if this will load the root
from my project or just use some default ruleset.
I think I figured out a way:
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private val ktLintRuleEngine = KtLintRuleEngine(
        ruleProviders = ruleProviders,
        editorConfigDefaults = EditorConfigDefaults.load(
Can I just get a confirmation that the
it's used also for
hey @Paul Dingemans do you know if that's the case?
It should work afaik. I could not find an actual unit test for it in the project. But I wrote one for the next version and that worked.
Tnx, for your PR. I will merge it later this week. It might be moved to a different location (also see below) or changed. This thread made once more clear that better documentation was needed which I now have written. While doing so, I learned for myself how the logging can and should be used. As this might be interesting for you, I would like to ask you to have a look at this PR. Please feel free to leave review remarks which would things even more clear.
Sure! I'll try to look at it tomorrow ­čÖé
I just added a couple of comments