Hello :wave: I have a project based on <https://ko...
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Hello 👋 I have a project based on https://kotlinlang.org/docs/multiplatform-full-stack-app.html changed kotlin version to 1.8.0 with IR compiler Currently I am working on the JS part but can't debug, because errors are shown in the minimized JS file. Using InteliJ JS Debugger doesn't help. Do you have any tips on how to identify the source of the problem? Like where source maps should be located so I can validate they are generated? Or any settings that need to be done? Thank you very much in advance!
Fixed it. Following the linked guide I had added 'ORG_GRADLE_PROJECT_isProduction=true' as an environment variable to my gradle run config. Since I wanted to use the development bode I changed the value to '=false' by myself. I just saw that in the build.gradle.kts the variable is only checked for 'hasProperty' and not for it's value. TL;DR had to completely remove the env var from gradle run configuration or change the handling in build.gradle.kts