Is there a possibility to get the configuration of...
# intellij-plugins
Is there a possibility to get the configuration of a gradle extension from within an Intellij plugin? So lets say i have an extension with a configuration:
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// build.gradle.kts
plugins {

myPlugin {
   someConfiguration = true
How could i check if the property
is set from within a Intellij plugin in let's say a
? As a side note: I'm in control of both the gradle extension and the IDE plugin. I am able to see that my extension is applied to the project when using
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GradleUtil.findGradleModuleData(module) { child -> }.filterIsInstance<GradleExtensions>().firstOrNull()
but i cannot access it's configuration.
What i did now is define e task which writes the config to a temporary file in the temp folder, which the IDE plugin reads. This task now runs always after a sync. But this is far from ideal and there has to be a better solution?