Hello everyone, I'm Blessing Onwunali, an undergra...
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Hello everyone, I'm Blessing Onwunali, an undergraduate student of computer science at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Nigeria. I'm an Android developer with 10months of experience, but I have been using Java for the past 1+ years. When I heard the word "Kotlin" it sounds so strange to me but I read about it, and I found how simple and easy it was. I was so much amazed that it also solves 100% real-world problems Java does in Android world. This was how I grew the passion for Kotlin and since I started using it I feels inner joy within and it makes my work fast and flexible. I have built many apps using Kotlin. This is my first time to participate in an open source project and I will love the mentors to assist me through the application process most especially in the proposal stage. Thanks for reading, you can view some of my personal projects on https://github.com/chifrica
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