Hi, I asked that question already in <#C3PQML5NU|m...
# kotlin-native
Hi, I asked that question already in #multiplatform, but maybe #kotlin-native is better suited: One question regarding AndroidStudio (in my case Electic Eel 2022.1.1 Patch 2) and launching ios-app from KMM-Project: Is somebody sometimes also facing the problem that the whole system (in my case MacOS Ventura 13.0.1: Chip: Apple M1 Max) gets killed while launching iosApp from AndroidStudio via the RunConfiguration aka play/debug-buttons?
What do you mean by "killed"?
Probably this
Sorry for my late reply. What I mean is that all apps on my mac system are killed/closed. AndroidStudio, Safari, SourceTree, Slack, etc.. I also get a broken/glitched screen. Feels like a system wide fatal error.
Other colleagues do have the same experience. We are three and all of us did experience that issue.