<Pedestal>, my collection of micro-utilities for M...
# decouple
Pedestal, my collection of micro-utilities for Multiplatform apps, has reached 1.1.0. Most notably, this introduces iOS support for Pedestal State, the library that powers the loading times in Decouple, thus removing the last obstacle to iOS support in Decouple. Thanks to @Landry Norris for helping figuring it out. I have started work on Pedestal 2.0, which will split many modules into smaller and more independent libraries. In particular, the progression management will be split into its own library, allowing Decouple to drop the mandatory dependency on State (which pulls in #arrow and KotlinX.Coroutines). Integration with Arrow will be moved to its own optional module. I expect this to be done in the next ~2 months or so, hopefully in time for the release of Arrow 1.2 ­čśë