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03/27/2023, 9:01 PM
Hi everyone 👋, I am Abhinav, a Software Engineer[Android] working in Indmoney. From the past few years I have been working in android domain and have worked on a number of android applications ranging from automation in android to fintech applications. I started with Java, then shifted to kotlin till now it has been an amazing experience working on android. I started using compose from the last year and since then there is no going back it has made ui development faster and much more reusable. I have build a couple of projects in compose and recently I started exploring desktop compose. I have also created an open source game Typster in desktop compose. I am interested in contributing to
Improve support for parameter forwarding in the Kotlin Plugin
project as after using compose I have felt that bringing this support will definitely improve the developer productivity and experience. As compose relies heavily on function composition and parameter forwarding it would be a great tool at our disposal and would definitely help the community. I have already setup the project and started exploring the codebase. Thanks @bobko for the suggestions and resources you shared it helped a lot. Github - LinkedIn -
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