Ksenia Shneyveys

04/03/2023, 6:42 PM
Hi everyone! Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, April 4, is the deadline to submit your proposals for GSoC 2023. Here are the Kotlin projects available: ◦ Kotlin Multiplatform protobufs ◦ Kotlin Compiler error messages ◦ Kotlin Multiplatform libraries ◦ Groovy to Kotlin Gradle DSL converter @mikhail.zarechenskiy, @Anton Yalyshev [JB] ◦ Eclipse Gradle KTS editing ◦ Improve support for parameter forwarding in the Kotlin plugin for IntelliJ IDEA @bobko ◦ Enhance the kotlinx-benchmark library API and user experience @Abduqodiri Qurbonzoda [JB] ◦ Parallel stacks for Kotlin Coroutines in the debugger We hope to see you join the Kotlin community this summer. Good luck! 🍀