04/14/2023, 11:42 PM
here’s another one:
In a land where code springs forth, serene,
Kotlin emerged, elegant and clean,
A language of brevity and grace,
Reviving the art, programmers embrace.

From the depths of Java, it took its cue,
Yet with fresh ideas, Kotlin flew,
Null safety in hand, a trusted guide,
No more NullPointerExceptions to hide.

With extension functions, so refined,
New behaviors to old types assigned,
And data classes that save the day,
Boilerplate swiftly fades away.

Sequences and coroutines align,
Asynchronous tasks now intertwine,
Concurrent programming, smooth and sleek,
Kotlin's power, developers seek.

For Android and beyond, it shines so bright,
A beacon of hope in a coder's night,
In Kotlin we trust, our code will thrive,
A modern language, keeping dreams alive.