04/19/2023, 5:31 PM
Has anyone used ClickableText at all? I’m able to get the functionality to work. I can style my strings, and have created the proper annotations so i can recognize which callback to fire, etc… The one thing i am noticing however, is that it doesn’t behave the same as a standard onClick modifier in that: • I don’t hear any audible feedback that i get when in just have a Text with an onClick listener • There’s no ripple indicator when pressing on the text. I sort of understand that this might be a technical limitation. I assume ClickableText is in and of itself clickable as a whole, and so it turns off the indicator and audible feedback. Then when the user clicks on it, it has to figure out where and then deliver the callback with the proper anntoation for where it was clicked, or swallow the event if there isnt’t one. I’m just looking for confirmation that I’m not missing a step.