04/24/2023, 5:21 AM
Phrased in another way - I successfully created an IDEA project for a KMP shared library targeting jvm, js and ios. I separately successfully created a KMM project using the project wizard. How do I connect the KMM project to the KMP shared library? Should I use some kind of local gradle project dependency? Do I have to build the shared library in IDEA and manually import it into android studio? I'm missing the how the connection between the IDEs works from a development standpoint.
I ended up using a symlink for a specific package under commonMain in both projects. This way, both projects can still add code under their respective commonMain source sets, but have the freedom to share the code more widely by adding it to the symlinked package. This doesn't seem as bad as I first imagined. I'm open to other suggestions if anyone has any.