05/03/2023, 11:49 AM
hi there! perhaps @simon.vergauwen do we know if is there any usage statistics / growth statistics for Arrow that we can quote? e.g. number of maven-central artifact downloads growth month by month perhaps? I’m trying to understand the adoption rate of Arrow libraries..


05/03/2023, 3:41 PM
We’ve had a steady growth in the last years, but in the last 12 months we’ve seen it stay steady at around 4 million downloads. Perhaps also because we’ve not released many versions in the last year, and that results in more caching (?). I cannot go further back than this, but in the previous years we’ve seen a steady 2x increase in downloads.
I’m not sure this correctly reflects adoption though, as I have the feeling there has been a lot more interest in Arrow in the recent years but perhaps that has been people investigating and not actively adopting yet
More context from @raulraja.
Total downloads in March was 4357299
Total downloads in February was 3519522
That's a total of a 23% increase from one month to the next. Previous months where a bit above february between 3500000 and 3900000


05/03/2023, 8:55 PM
thank you @simon.vergauwen and @raulraja understood. Yeah caching does dilute the number but it is good enough for an estimate. Actually if we fit a rough trend line, it is actually trending upwards at a healthy rate throughout the year. 🙌