05/06/2023, 1:37 PM
Maps-kt is published in our Space repository (only available with manual repository definition for now, but I will publish it on central soon): Maps-kt is a compose-multiplatform library that includes stand-alone implementation of map and scheme rendering together with utilities to work with map objects and trajectories. For now it only works for desktop target, but android and web targets are easy to add. The package also includes a separate library called
, which is based on @ESchouten contribution to KMath (we decided to move it to another project for faster release development and release cycle. It introduces primitives to work with 2D trajectories and path optimization (Dubins path and a unique obstacle avoidance algorithm designed in SPC). The library is not very well documented, so contributions are welcome. We also use it in our commercial products, so some features (like global trajectory optimization) are not included. Feel free to discuss it in #science.
And example of global optimization picture (without map because it is under NDA).
Forgot to mention, it also includes ability to export schemes to SVG