05/10/2023, 1:31 PM
What is the best way to put Paparazzi to always run in "record" mode? Basically I comparing/saving the images to the cloud and I want Paparazzi to run in record mode (always) when I run my unit tests? This needs to work in CI too
The images created in record mode have a useful and readable filename where the "comparison" ones have just IDs which is part of the problem.

Benoit Quenaudon

05/10/2023, 2:04 PM
Don’t you use the verify task on CI?


05/10/2023, 4:25 PM
Maybe I am missing something but no I don't - I don't need the "verification" part of Paparazzi at all: This is the process that I want/almost have: • Paparazzi tests are automatically generated for my Compose Previews • I run Paparazzi on the CI (in record mode) to get screenshots of there Previews. Ideally I want this to happen as part of the "normal" unit test task in gradle so that it works nice with the rest of the CI flow. • At the end of the gradle build, the recorded (goldens) screenshots are uploaded to some cloud storage. • There is a web piece that then tracks changes to the screenshots stored in the cloud and does all the "verification"
So basically what I'm after is the best way to have Paparazzi generate screenshots (with meaningful names, from what I see only the "goldens" have nice file names, the verification images have just IDs) when I run
ideally this will be just a gradle property that I can stick in
that tells Paparazzi to always run in record mode