Paul Woitaschek

05/16/2023, 8:49 AM
It would be great if you (IJ devs) could prioritize that EAP’s are compatible with the latest AGP. I’d love to try out the EAP but it welcomes me with a “agp not supported”


05/16/2023, 8:59 AM
100 times this, it's annoying to use latest IJ for Android development, and then having to switch to stable Android Studio that's couple of IJ versions behind because of AGP incompatibility (and Canary AS are again pretty fragile recently) Here's the issue for current incompatibility:, I hope this is a one-off situation (since it's called out Flamingo will be skipped, for unknown reason)


05/17/2023, 12:18 AM
Is it that the latest AGP isn't compatible with the latest IJ, or have you also tried the latest AS Canaries? Sure, they're a little bit behind still, but IMO it's not too bad.


05/17/2023, 6:28 AM
There's currently no version of IJ, stable or not, that's compatible with most recent stable AGP. The AS Canary on the other hand is notoriously unstable, one recent release was reported to just hang regularly, I personally am blocked by

Jan Skrasek

05/17/2023, 6:31 AM
This is a notorious issue repeating every stable AS release. There is a task to make it better, but after 3 years trying to use IntelliJ, it backfires on me every time.