Travis Griggs

05/18/2023, 8:51 PM
So if the primary IDE that 99% of Kotlin programmers is not welcome here, where does one go to ask that kind of question. My apologies for being (surprisedly) off topic


05/18/2023, 9:01 PM
You are heavily overestimating the people using Android Studio and doing Android development. There are much more Kotlin developers than that. Besides that this question is off-topic too and probably more suited for #meta. 😄
But I guess an appropriate place to ask is some Android Studio forum or maybe even some Android community. You can find links to some in the subject of #android iirc.
The 99% maybe matches more to people using Gradle. And Gradle questions are also out-of-scope, except when it is about using Kotlin within Gradle build scripts.


05/19/2023, 12:50 PM
I was going to say the same thing, I read your question and I didn’t understand anything. 😅 The reason is probably that I work as a backend engineer, so, everything mobile-related gets blurry for me.

Stephan Schröder

05/19/2023, 2:19 PM
Travis was correct in principle, he just failed to notify us that he applied a 180 degrees rotation to the 66% of Kotlin devs who - according to the Kotlin Konf 2023 - keynote use Kotlin for Android:

(I myself also belong to the 1of5 Kotlin devs who use it server-site)

Landry Norris

05/19/2023, 6:43 PM
Not sure how I feel about those numbers adding up to 100. I use Kotlin for Android, server side, and 'other'.


05/21/2023, 10:28 AM