05/26/2023, 3:56 AM
Hello everyone, I’ve encountered a small UI issue with BasicTextField that I was hoping to get some advice on. Per our design requirements, I need to display an editing icon at the bottom of the text within a TextField. I tried using
for this, but I’ve noticed that the width of the BasicTextField does not match the width calculated by
. After tracing the source code, I found out that the minimum width and height of BasicTextField are preset based on ten ‘H’ characters. I couldn’t find a conventional way to remove this restriction in the code. I was wondering if anyone has a good solution or workaround for this that would allow me to disregard this constraint. Thanks in advance for your help!
For those who may encounter this issue in the future, Google has currently provided a workaround that can be utilized. I’m sharing this for anyone who might find it helpful.