Is there a place to ask questions about fleet? Don...
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Is there a place to ask questions about fleet? Don't see a channel. Gonna ask my question here just on the off chance someone knows or can point me towards a better place to ask. My company uses remote boxes for all development. I want to trial fleet, and have it hooked up successfully to the box. Unfortunately, my company does something pretty dumb, which is, that instead of mounting the main storage volume at
like sane people, they mounted it at
. So basically, devs need to do custom path overrides for pretty much anything that expects to be able to store data somewhere in the
directory. Since fleet's cache is pretty large, and by default is stored under
, in my specific case, it eats up the entire available storage. I don't see any way to specify an alternate cache location in the docs (would need to store the cache under
), but hopefully I'm just missing something.