I'm getting `Kotlin not configured` lately (only f...
# webassembly
I'm getting
Kotlin not configured
lately (only for WASM) with this configuration:
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kotlin: 1.9.20-dev-2914
IDEA: IntelliJ IDEA 2023.1.2
kotlin plugin version: 231-1.9.0-Beta-release-209-IJ8770.65
Reproducible here: https://github.com/korlibs/korge/pull/1677 Is there any known issue with that, or am I doing something wrong? Any idea how to get it working?
Reproduced here too with code generated from the Kotlin Multiplatform wizard with WASM with the default settings:
Tried to invalidates all caches, but it doesn't help
At some point it was working, so I'm not sure what happened in the meantime
It is known problem. We are working on it. I believe it will be fixed soon
BTW I fixed it by installing an EAP version of intellij
Yes, it is already fixed in last IDEA, and fix is waiting for to be backported to 223 and 231 platforms