Hello. I just have a question related to the engin...
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Hello. I just have a question related to the engine used to render UI on iOS (Skia). It used both in Flutter and in compose mutliplatform through skiko which just kotlin mapping to Skia. The engine Skia caused several issue when used with flutter and so they created the new engine "impeller". Is this issue considered by Jetbrains or there is something different with Compose multiplatform that is going to use Skia on iOS without problems.
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A good question! I had same thought. Maybe there’s something different about implementations that it’s better on compose ios
Ah interesting..I wonder if it was just easier to implement in skia or only option. But curious to know if they have different way to fix it than rewrite an entire graphics engine !
Yes, for now we are using Skia to render on iOS as well. It has a lot of benefits as well. For now we have performance problems not related to Skia, and we are solving them first. And we are implementing all needed features for iOS specific Applications. So, startup time with Skia — it is not our first priority task for now. We have a good abstraction at Compose Canvas level to have a possibility to change graphics backend. We can do it in the future if performance will be not so good as it should be.
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