Hi there :spock-hand: I'm fighting with an overla...
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Hi there đź–– I'm fighting with an overlay (Transparent window, no manually resizeable and no decorated) created in compose desktop and having a problem..My overlay is anchored to right of the screen and is supposed to be resized by an animation, but that resize is happening (So window growth) to the right and it is drawn outside of the screen.. I'm using normal layouts like Window, Column and Rows, I've seen many other layouts that can help like SubcomposeLayout or BoxWithConstraints but I'm not sure if they can help to achieve my goal.. I've also tried to resize window before do the animations to show new composables but once the window is resized content elements are moved and then the animation happens so is weird as well Is there any way to handle this kind of elements/uis? Or the only way is measuring, animating and so on? Have anyone experimented with that?Here is a image showing my problems
There’s nothing in Compose that prevents you from moving your window (partially) offscreen, which seems to be what you’re doing here. If you place your window at the right edge of the screen and then increase its width, it will increase to the right.
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