On Ubuntu 22.04, I could not tame Vim to highlight...
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On Ubuntu 22.04, I could not tame Vim to highlight syntax for Kotlin files (.kt). But it works fine for .java files. Anyone aware of workaround?
Use an actual IDE ? 🧌
Joke aside, I don't know of a workaround for vim but you could use IntelliJ with vim bindings if that's your thing. I guess writing in Kotlin shines best with proper tooling because it's a very tooling-friendly language
JetBrains (which created Kotlin and IntelliJ) isn't interessted in supporting other IDEs much, which is why you'll get the best developer expeience with IntelliJ/AndroidStudio even in the community versions. Every other IDE has to develop syntax highlighting on it's own, though I heard the the community driven Kotlin Language Server was recently updated to Kotlin 1.8(!?) (but that doesn't include syntax highlighting but refactoring/jump to declaration).
Haven't tested but a quick search suggested https://github.com/udalov/kotlin-vim
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This one worked. Thanks. I mostly use the Intellij IDEA for writing. Sometimes I use Vim to make sure I remember the keywords and syntax without IDE's help for interview prep etc
Interviews likely will let you do the problems on an IDE. it's very outdated to have whiteboard interviews nowadays, especially for a tooling-oriented language like Kotlin