I am trying to package some files inside a msi ins...
# compose-desktop
I am trying to package some files inside a msi installer for a Compose Multiplatform project. In a previous version I was able to add the following to the gradle file and it quite happily packaged the resources into the MSI and I was able to access them. compose.desktop { application { mainClass = "MainKt" fromFiles(project.file("config.properties")) fromFiles(project.file("schemas")) fromFiles(project.file("schemas.zip")) fromFiles(project.file("adaptor.log")) nativeDistributions { targetFormats(TargetFormat.Dmg, TargetFormat.Msi, TargetFormat.Deb) packageName = "ControlPanel" packageVersion = "1.0.0" modules("java.instrument", "java.management", "java.naming", "java.sql", "jdk.unsupported") windows*{* menuGroup = "Control" perUserInstall = true } } } } Having now come back to this project for a customer, the fromFiles() method does not appear to be working within the compose multiplatform project, any ideas what this has changed to?
Did you check the path for "project.file"? I had a similar problem in the past where I realized that it didn't reference the root but the nested gradle module
ah that could be a good catch, ill give that a go
turns out needed a change of method, the current docs on github are a little unclear, however I created a new dir under the gradle project root called packageResources/windows and added the files under there. then used appResourcesRootDir.set(project.layout.projectDirectory.dir("packageResources"))
which got me back in business.