Hi, I’m faced with two problems in my app: - Modal...
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Hi, I’m faced with two problems in my app: • ModalBottomSheet on android less 10 (sometimes on various devices and on Android 11) doesn’t work with imePadding() Modifier. Hack: throw modifier from outside for content of dialog. • For ModalBottomSheet on Android 10 and less, don’t provided padding from previous composable, workaround for this: use dialog only in screen composable without decomposition. On screen tables with my tests on various devices with same android version and vendor. Compose 2023.05.01 Compiler 1.4.7 Padding setup:
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contentWindowInsets = WindowInsets(0,0,0,0)
    ) { localPadding ->
            modifier = Modifier
                .padding(paddingValues = localPadding)
                .consumeWindowInsets(paddingValues = localPadding)
            navController = navController,
            startDestination = startDestination
        ) {
May be somebody know solution for this problems without hacks and usage alpha versions compose (with 1.5.0-alpha has critical crashed in app)? PS: setDecorFitsSystemWindows = false and adjustResize in Manifest is correct
I gave up and used the BottomSheetFragmentDialog for this.