Did anyone create a "companion" Compose components...
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Did anyone create a "companion" Compose components library app for their Android app (like the Showkase library does), but either as a desktop app, or maybe even a web app? Taking advantage of Compose multiplatform to have a component library that does not require an Android device to run. I'm looking for any pointers / blogs / libraries to look into doing something like this.
@Vinay Gaba do you know if anyone’s done this?
I was actually discussing this with a few people at Droidcon. I think it should be relatively straightforward to do this in Showkase itself. The last time I looked into it, I was too early and there was some friction with adding this support. I believe that limitation isn't true anymore.
I did it for our android app and we added a desktop gallery for it
it was kinda cool, but a few things weren't multiplatform at the time and keeping things in sync and not broken took too much time so we reverted it.
but this was also like 2 years ago