Hi, Is there an official roadmap for compose ios ?...
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Hi, Is there an official roadmap for compose ios ? 🙂
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Sorry, not yet...
For now we have some high-level goals: • better performance • easier first time setup • fewer bugs • more Compose features that already exist in Android. And for now we are listening to the community. There are a lot of requests from our users. We are trying to prioritize them. Also, for now there is a good chance to try to use Compose for iOS (with Compose Multiplatform) and investigate those features you want to be better, or newer features.
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Thanks for the answer 👍
Hope a public official roadmap of Compose Multiplatform, like Kotlin (https://kotlinlang.org/docs/roadmap.html) or Jetpack Compose(https://developer.android.com/jetpack/androidx/compose-roadmap).
Project panel in GitHub is a good choice, but not updated a long time
I have a question, that flutter ios fix jank issue by using new render engine - Impeller. How does compose ios fix jank issue?