So i went through this video for using Compose Mul...
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So i went through this video for using Compose Multiplatform for Android / IOS UI, specifically how to use the
to render an image. However, when i try the same with a .png image Android studio cannot seem to locate the file. I am importing the asset through resource manager but i think the asset ends up in the androidApp folder instead of commonMain. So i made a
folder inside commonMain manually but it still cannot find the image. Does anyone know the right way to import assets that can be used inside the commonMain folder?

Placing pngs to
folder should just work. You can use this template or other our examples as a reference In your case I guess the problem is in folder name
instead of
@Ivan Matkov Thanks for the reply. Actually my folder is named
correctly. I will try the examples link you sent and try to figure out the issue. Do you know of a way that i can find out which folder path the
is scanning for the image? Maybe my project structure might be at fault here.
@Ivan Matkov Hmm.. this is odd. When i do mouseover on the
Android Studio shows me the correct logo so i guess it can detect it properly 🤔
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Image(painter = painterResource("logo.png"), contentDescription = null)
However the error says :
Caused by: org.jetbrains.compose.resources.MissingResourceException: Missing resource with path: logo.png
which means it cannot detect the resource 😕
Is it reproducible on template project for you?
@Ivan Matkov The logo file loads fine from the template project 🤔