We have filled one senior role position successful...
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We have filled one senior role position successfully and are now open to applications for intermediate-level Android engineers too. Role: (Senior) Android Engineer (full time) Company: Tomorrow Location: Hamburg, Germany (remotely within EU is possible) Salary: (based on classification in our transparent skill matrix) • 64.000-75.000 EUR (senior) • 54.000-63.000 EUR (intermediate) Codebase: 100% Kotlin*,* parts supporting Kotlin Multiplatform, mostly Jetpack Compose, Coroutines, Flow, Kotlinx Serialization, Koin, MVVM & MVI Rating: 4.7 Google Play Sustainable investing, modern banking, app-first, 120k+ customers Company language is english 😁 https://www.tomorrow.one/en-EU/jobs/id/1073170-senior-android-engineer-fmx/ (edited)
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Do you allow non-European candidates for this position as full-time WFH setup?
We can only offer EU based employment, but we also support relocation if there is interest 🙂
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I’m based in Vienna would this fit?
Yes for sure 🙂
Position is still open. 🙂 We are not looking for freelancers! https://www.tomorrow.one/en-EU/jobs/id/1277652-android-engineer-fmx/