Good evening everyone! Please help me, I plan to s...
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Good evening everyone! Please help me, I plan to send an image file in my Spring boot backend, and I am using Kotlin Jetpack compose. My Spring boot backend accepts an image of the MultipartFile type, while my Android Jetpack compose application must send an image of the MultipartBody.Part type from Retrofit. Can you guide me please?
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try GsonConverterFactory (chatGPT)
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val retrofit = Retrofit.Builder()
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ChatGPT response: Certainly! I can guide you through the process of sending an image file from your Android Jetpack Compose application to your Spring Boot backend. Here are the steps you can follow: 1. In your Android Jetpack Compose application, you'll need to use the Retrofit library to make HTTP requests. Make sure you have Retrofit added to your project dependencies. 2. Create a Retrofit service interface that defines the API endpoints for your backend. Define a method that accepts the
type for sending the image. For example:
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interface ApiService {
    suspend fun uploadImage(@Part image: MultipartBody.Part): Response<YourResponseModel>
Make sure to replace
with the actual model you expect to receive from your backend. 3. Convert the
of the image file into a
object. Here's an example of converting a `Bitmap`:
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val imageBitmap: Bitmap = // Your image bitmap
val file = bitmapToFile(imageBitmap) // Function to convert Bitmap to File

val requestFile: RequestBody = file.asRequestBody("multipart/form-data".toMediaTypeOrNull())
val imagePart: MultipartBody.Part = MultipartBody.Part.createFormData("image",, requestFile)
function is a utility function that you need to implement, which converts the
to a
. You can find examples of how to implement this function online. 4. Use the Retrofit service to make the API call and send the image. Here's an example of how you can do it:
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val retrofit = Retrofit.Builder()

val apiService = retrofit.create(

// Call the uploadImage method passing the imagePart
val response = apiService.uploadImage(imagePart)
5. In your Spring Boot backend, make sure you have a corresponding endpoint to handle the image upload. You can use the
annotation with the
type to receive the image. For example:
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public ResponseEntity<String> uploadImage(@RequestParam("image") MultipartFile image) {
    // Handle the image upload and return a response
Make sure to handle the image upload logic and any necessary validation or processing in the backend. That's it! With these steps, you should be able to send an image file from your Android Jetpack Compose application to your Spring Boot backend using Retrofit and the
I understand this resolution. But show me how to convert a URI to a valid bitmap please
You can refer to my GitHub repo! The code follows Clean Architecture..