Hi Wear Team, it is great to meet so many of you a...
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Hi Wear Team, it is great to meet so many of you at Amsterdam Google I/O Connect. As discussed, i am posting my ticket https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/200699800 and the discussion with Mikhail that the touch event is not passing properly from Wear Compose with the unswipe hack from AndroidView to the View System, in my case was that of the MPAndroidChart to move a Time Series Graph horizontally to show a 24 hour heart rate chart. And also thanks for the feature request to make the continuous heart rate batchable and allow third-party developers to get the history of health service on Wear OS 3/4. I am looking forward to all the improvement in terms of the compose-wear and graphics support on Complications and Tiles in Wear OS 4 preview. Wish you all a great day from I/O connect Amsterdam 2023 Yingding
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Hi Yingding - we have some work in progress on a fix to https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/230865655, which sounds similar. The approach is to enable the developer to turn off swipe handling in SwipeDismissableNavHost for screens where the developer needs bespoke gesture handling (and the screen will need another way to trigger dismissal, like a button).
Thank Steve, I will check it out to see if we can merge the two issue cases.