Is anyone else still experiencing really flakey au...
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Is anyone else still experiencing really flakey autocomplete in XCode of types defined in Kotlin? Half the time Xcode seems to just not be able to find the objc bridging header and autocomplete just dies Any tips?
Yes, all the time. It seems to have gotten better recently, maybe due to Xcode 14.3.1, but it’s not great. I also wonder whether the method of including the shared framework into the Xcode influences the reliability of autocomplete. We’re using an SPM package with a
. Might be different if one uses CocoaPods etc.
Glad I'm not alone. I'm linking statically with the "embedAndLink" Xcode step. I've managed to get autocomplete working by renaming my build configuration to "Debug". (it was previously "Debug-Dev" Absolutely no idea why the hell that fixes it but it seems to