Introducing VertexAI-KT: Simplify Integration with...
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Introducing VertexAI-KT: Simplify Integration with Google Cloud's Vertex AI PaLM API! We are excited to announce the release of VertexAI-KT, a Kotlin multiplatform library designed to streamline the integration process with Google Cloud's Vertex AI PaLM API for generative model creation and training. In this initial version, we proudly support PaLM 2 for Text. PaLM 2 is meticulously fine-tuned to comprehend natural language instructions, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of language tasks, such as classification, extraction, summarization, and content generation. Its capabilities are kinda similar to the completion feature provided by OpenAI. If you're interested, check out the VertexAI-KT library on GitHub:
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