Hello Guys, The following code throws IntrruptedEx...
# coroutines
Hello Guys, The following code throws IntrruptedException,Is there a way where it dosen’t do anything ? Should i just catch it and return a random value if method has a return type?
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fun getPreferenceLong(key: String, defaultValue: Long): Long {
    return runBlocking {
        context.dataStore.data.map {
            it[longPreferencesKey(key)] ?: defaultValue
This mostly throws the exception when called from a RxJava Code , for now can’t make it return Flow as it has usages in legacy codebase as well
isn’t directly related to coroutines: it’s linked to the fact that you’re blocking a thread. If
, it means something interrupted the calling thread while it was blocked. This typically means that the application is attempting to stop the thread and discard its work. The proper way to handle it is generally to allow the exception to propagate so that the thread does indeed terminate.
This StackOverflow thread has some decent suggestions: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3976344/handling-interruptedexception-in-java
The StackOverflow suggestions are very clear about what needs to be done. Thanks a lot🙌