Hello everyone! I've created a sample app in KMM u...
# compose
Hello everyone! I've created a sample app in KMM using compose multiplatform, but I'm seeing a weird button placement for iOS. I'm pretty new to mobile development in general, as well as KMM. Does anyone know why this might be happening or how I can debug this issue?
This is a 477MB download. Is there a smaller thing that you can share that shows the layout definition of this screen?
Usually you place a link to a well known repo site like GitHub, Gitlab or the file containing the code itself. Many people don't trust to download/open weird links or files. Might be malign software 🙂
Oh yes makes sense, sorry about that
Will make a github link and share in a bit
This should be a column, with the middle box at
Otherwise your layout doesn’t really use a well-defined vertical flow logic
So you have your header up top, the button down bottom, and the texts box spanning the rest of the available vertical space
The reason why in Android works is probably because in the Android side some Box encapsulates the AppScreen composable but is not the case in iOS. But as Kirill mentioned, used a column as parent of the boxes.
That's perfect, thank you so much @Kirill Grouchnikov @Pablichjenkov! Got it to render properly with that fix!