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Company: Philo Role: Lead Kotlin Multiplatform Software Engineer Location: San Francisco, CA; Brooklyn, NY; Cambridge, MA; or fully remote anywhere within the United States Employment: Permanent, Full-Time Salary: Annual base salary of $162K - $230K depending on experience and location; includes company stock options and health benefits --------- We're hiring somebody in the US 🇺🇸 to help lead our Kotlin Multiplatform efforts. Philo is a live-TV streaming service company in San Francisco that you may not have heard of, but is one of the largest streamers by hours-watched in the country. We ship apps to 9+ platforms (eg Roku, FireTV, Tizen etc etc), and have chosen to share business logic, but not UI. We've shipped 3 KMM libraries (JS/JVM/Apple) so far, and are looking to continue to grow the team, and encapsulate even more business logic in our shared code! We're looking for folks who have 10+ years of experience, and in addition to Kotlin are experienced in Swift/Obj-C and JS. The full job description is available here: Feel free to DM me to learn more!
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Why does it need to be “anywhere within the United States”?
This is the first time I see a kmp role posted on the Internet. Great!
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Hey @s1m0nw1 — good question. Philo is a US-based company, and it does not have a legal presence or entity outside of the country. There are a variety of reasons why it’s important for a company to have a legal presence in countries where they’re hiring local talent, but a few of them include compliance with local labor laws, local entitlements for employees, and local taxes. Hope that makes sense. It would be great to work with folks from all across the world, but as Philo doesn’t have a legal presence outside of the United States, we’re only authorized to hire within the country at this time.
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This is solvable in a very easy way. I am working with a USA based companies without a presence in my country for a very long time. I am very interested in the role though.
Contract/Dev consultant works across borders. Have worked before and know few others. Boundary shouldn’t be there for the good companies and good talents.😎