I have a problem with how to use my KSP processor ...
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I have a problem with how to use my KSP processor properly: I couldn't figure out how to get IntelliJ recognize the generated code. The processor works, the code is generated and works, the project compiles and runs. But whatever I did I couldn't make IntelliJ recognize the generated code. Everything is red in the editor. I've created an example project which has this problem. If anyone wiser in the ways of KSP would let me know what I do wrong I would be eternally grateful. https://github.com/spxbhuhb/z2-rpc-example
Check out my remoting library's build config, maybe it can help: • processor: https://github.com/kotlinw/kotlinw/tree/main/kotlinw-remoting-processor • test project using the KSP processor: https://github.com/kotlinw/kotlinw/blob/main/kotlinw-remoting-processor-test See the bottom of the test project's build file: https://github.com/kotlinw/kotlinw/blob/main/kotlinw-remoting-processor-test/build.gradle.kts#L48 For more details, see (and vote for 😉 ) this issue: https://github.com/google/ksp/issues/567#issuecomment-1510477456
Hm, adding the last block helps. Setting the dependencies for ksp like you have (only common) breaks the compilation. That said, the last block removes the most important problems, thank you for that.