I need to create "schedulable" tasks, something li...
# multiplatform
I need to create "schedulable" tasks, something like reminders on desktop, android and ios. How do I go about this? Can I do it in the common module? Otherwise I'm thinking of workmanager for android, for ios there should exist something similar didn't check yet, and for desktop? It's also kind of unclear to me how to communicate to platform specifc apis. For example let's say that I need to schedule a work with workmanager on android, how do I tell the android module to do that, from the common module, using expected / actual functions?
can’t you use a timed coroutine and insert events into a Kotlin Flow?
for iOS, I think you may use BackgroundTasks
How do I communicate with the platform specific api from the common module tho? Let’s say the user disables the reminders, which is done in the compose ui from the common code, how do I tell the android workmanager or ios backgroundTasks to cancel the task / work?