finding kmm is a bit like 'hard mode' for gradle &...
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finding kmm is a bit like 'hard mode' for gradle & build setup in general ­čśů My IDE (Android Studio) is able to find references from my shared module without issue, but I'm getting
Unresolved reference
errors for classes from my com.myapp.shared package when I actually run/build the android app on an emulator. Any tips on where to start looking for config issues?
Can you share your build.gradle.kts configuration?
Interestingly, the issue ended up being case sensitivity. I accidentally used camel case for the package name when creating a new shared module (via the Kotlin Multiplatform Shared Module wizard in Android Studio). The IDE accepted mixed case for package names, but my gradle setup did not. I renamed the packages to all lower cases to match elsewhere in the project and everything is working again
That sounds like a good youtrack issue to file (unless there is one already).