Hello :kotlin_emoji: friends. We are a startup loo...
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Hello K friends. We are a startup looking to hire Kotlin engineers for polyglot/multi-platform development. So far we're a small team, so you'd be #3 to join. We are focusing on an exciting area of devops tooling, and we even build tools for Kotlin itself which is pretty fun. Our stack is very modern and grants a chance to learn a lot of different languages, if you want to, or to stay in pure Kotlin (our favorite). 🏢 Company: Elide / Buildless 🌎 Location: Remote or California (Bay Area) 🕸️ Website: https://less.build 🏠 Remote: Yes Full-Time: Not yet (coming soon) 🛂 Visa sponsorship: Willing to sponsor for good fit Hiring Process • Quick call • Code samples • That's it • If there's still a fit after 12 paid hours, we'll keep going, and once we close seed in Aug., you have a job with us! Exciting notes about us • We're partnered with awesome companies like Cloudflare, Dragonfly, and Planetscale • We get to do technically challenging work, that is impactful to our friends and colleagues (engineers) • We are advised by world-renowned experts who helped build Google, GitHub, and Accenture • We have a pretty cool co-working space we can access in the SF Bay, but also fully remote • Team culture is solid: No mandatory meetings, you are free to be inventive to solve a problem. No managers. Leads enable you rather than get in your way. Drop us a line if interested • DM me here, or • Email:
• Phone: 415-231-4513 (call or text, anytime) • Use the Intercom bubble on the website P.S. if you are a Kotlin user who wants to try Buildless, feel free to reach out and we can get you to the front of the line. All usage is free for the next few months! 😄
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