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🚀 shadcn-kotlin Project Update 🎉 Great news, everyone! shadcn-kotlin is now complete and ready to rock! 🎉 Here are the fantastic key features and improvements that have been added: 1. Documentation: You'll find all the necessary information and instructions to get started with shadcn-kotlin. 2. Dedicated Component Pages: To enhance your experience, each component now has its own dedicated page. This means you can easily view a preview of any component in action. Additionally, there are code snippets included used to create that particular component. We must give a special shoutout to @David Herman for the kobweb which empowered this project to leverage the incredible kobweb markdown plugin enabling us to showcase component pages with Previews and their corresponding Code side by side. Links: - Site: https://shadcn-kotlin.vercel.app/ - Repo: https://github.com/dead8309/shadcn-kotlin Feel free to contribute and show some love! Slack Conversation