last day I was looking at bisq (<
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last day I was looking at bisq (, a decentralized crypto exchange) and its main lack is mobile platform These are some considerations of one master dev
i am aware of the usability drawbacks compared to mobile or web apps. but to have a real decentralized p2p app comes with some limitations. theoretically it could work on a mobile (beside the issue for makers to stay online - that would not be feasible with mobile due battery drain) - but the resource requirements (bitcoinj, p2p network, tor) might be a bit tough, but more problematic is the engineering effort and limitation on android. java8 should be already working on modern fast phones but on ios there is no java support. the effort for getting such a android-only, takers-only, fast-modern-devices-only mobile app is probably about 6-12 months. we dont have the resources for that.
( I guess that Kotlin might surely come in help to mitigate the limitations of java8 and ios support, but how much is that really feasible?