11/28/2016, 12:19 AM
Yesterday, I deployed my first #kotlin Spring Boot app to 'the cloud', AWS in this case. And I was surprised of how bad it was. I blame my lack of experience mostly (I usually deploy to Digital Ocean with some bash scripts through Codeship, which takes less than 5 minutes to setup), but Beanstalks git stuck in booting, late error messages (in the last step AWS told me 'admin' is not a great password for a db, causing me to reupload the 50mb jar from a slow machine), the slowness of the platform (provisioning a RDS, which is basically a MySQL db, took more than 30 minutes). I deployed then the same app in Google Cloud, which I also never used before, and it was a breeze. Super clear UI, great tools, incredibly fast.... I might do a writeup about it one day, but I just wanted to share my experience here. This is just a initial experience, and I'm very curious what your experience is with deploying your (Kotlin, not that it matters much) code to the cloud