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An interesting comment on arstechnica
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I've seen this happen 3 times now within the last 18 months:

- My own country, Denmark, did this last time, which is not so remarkable on a world stage, but had the same dynamics as the Trump election.
- Brexit
- Trump

All of them won, because a silent majority that didn't make an appearance in the polls were the ones who voted and it was a surprise result every time. The majority felt neglected and left behind, and all cases, it was older, working class people with little education in rural areas that decided the election result.

And in all cases, the same majority voted for people who eventually has or will screw them over, because they didn't understand those people.

This is why we need fair education for all, fair opportunity for all and why equality is important, otherwise you WILL get people stuck in the cheap rows and vastly increase the risk of them deciding how the show goes.